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Save Valuable Sales Time - Target Quality Leads

December 20, 2017

Live chat services can improve the conversion rate of your online visitors by engaging those who are interested. Capturing contact details and basic information about a particular product or service your visitors are interested in allows for a more effective follow-up.

A quality lead has a relationship with your brand. Therefore, it is important that your business builds this affinity with your online visitors / potential customers. Once relationship and trust has been established, your visitors will then be more receptive to provide as much of their details whilst being informed and educated of your products and services through personalised conversations. Moreover, live chat is a perfect and effective tool which raises customer experience to another level while generating quality leads. Live Chat Leads means your business never has to close its doors! You can now deliver instant gratification to web visitors round the clock and connect them to an agent with no wait time. Offering real-time convenience enables you to engage more visitors online, off the phone, and subsequently, convert them into leads for immediate ROI.

Live chat allows you to collect data from online visitors, providing you the opportunity to reach out to quality leads or potential customers proactively. Through data compiled or simple surveys or questionnaires prompted for your visitors to complete, you may possibly also have the option to provide live chat to only the visitors you want to connect with, based on their demographic profile and stipulated target market of a specific product or service. On top of that, the more you know about your leads, the better your sales team will understand how to convert them into customers and the better you will be able to personalise your product offering. While low-quality leads, on the other hand, are hard to convert resulting in valuable sales time being wasted.

Not every lead will convert into a sale. However, live chat provides that avenue for every business to build a relationship with potential customers and gather invaluable data to identify quality leads. Remember - the higher quality your leads are, the more chances of them converting into sales.

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Don't Waste Traffic - How 'Live' Chat Converts Visitors into Leads

December 8, 2017

Lead generation means identifying and targeting potential new customers (or leads) for you to develop their interest in your products and services. Essentially, it is most ideal that every visitor becomes a lead as this may subsequently translate into prospective sale for the business.

With a ‘live’ chat solution, your business can capture leads in two ways. Firstly, you can uplift the productivity of your agents by acting proactively and asking for online visitors’ details and information, turning anonymous visitors into leads. Instead of hoping and waiting for them to leave their details, you can now make that first step! Secondly, having live chat means that you are more accessible to your visitors and this will increase the chances of them starting a conversation with you.

By integrating your live chat with customer data, your efforts will be more effective and more efficient as you would now be able to offer the right products and services catered to their needs and requirements. You can now also encourage the right visitors to get in touch with you or target high potential leads and contact them yourself.

Besides these, live chat improves customer experience as it reduces waiting time. Your current and potential customers no longer need to wait on the phone line before they are attended by an agent. The better your customer service, the more receptive your visitors will be to share their details for you to capture leads. Live chat also improves search engine performance. By having a higher dwell time among your visitors, you improve your website’s rank in search engines, which translates into new visitors and potentially bringing in more leads.

So stop wasting traffic and tap on this vast potential! Increase your odds by engaging in real-time conversations and convert your online visitors before they leave. Embark on ‘live chat’ solutions for your business today!

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Building Customer Loyalty with Live Chat

November 27, 2017

Brand loyalty is important to sustain any business. Loyal customers will always come back to a brand which they either have trust in or connection with. Building trust with your customers is indeed truly essential if you want them to be loyal customers.

In this day and age where relationship plays a pivotal role in sustaining interest and creating top-of-mind recall, live chats have become increasingly popular amongst businesses to build trust and reliability among customers for various obvious reasons.

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Receiving (too) many calls to your Call Center?

September 23, 2016

Challenge 1: Receiving (too) many calls to your Call Center

First challenge that we are tackling is related to brands and businesses receiving many or too many calls to their call center. Whether internal or external, call centers generally consist of people receiving calls and answering questions one caller at the time. We all know that these conversations can last for 10, 20 and some even 30 minutes or more. If we assume that each agent takes 20 minute per caller, that basically means one agent can handle, on average, 3 people per hour.

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Benefits of Brandchat for You and Your Brand

August 30, 2016

Benefits of Brandchat to Brands

If you are a brand/business owner or manager, Brandchat provides a channel that enables new engagements, enhances care of your existing customers, exposes brand to a large group of users and last but not least, helps manage contact care in more efficient and effective way.

What Brandchat can do for your brand?

Firstly, Brandchat does not require any costly and time-consuming setup. You can register to be on Brandchat in matter of minutes via our dedicated on boarding web app, and as soon as your brand is approved,you can start engaging with users. All you need is a browser and a mobile phone. Wait…, actually, mobile phone is optional.

Secondly, Brandchat can filter incoming questions and direct them to the right group of your support team (or brand agents). Say, you may have several people receiving and handing Billing questions, some handling general support while other few are handling all question about new potential customers who would like to start experiencing what your brand has to offer.

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Hello, World! From, Brandchat.

August 9, 2016

The Story

You probably have one or two similar stories yourself - you call your bank/ mobile service provider or satellite/cable TV provider, only to realise you just spent 30 minutes on the phone, perhaps being put on-hold or transferred around, for half of that time, and.. you're still waiting for a resolution to your issue. It's probably safe to say that we've all been there. It's called "customer service"... or is it?

Contacting brands and businesses is generally a pain. Just figuring out how to contact them, then filling up lengthy online forms, or calling and navigating through the maze of "Press 1 for this and press 2 for that..." feels like what should have been a thing of the past. But, it's happening today, and it's happening now.

Is there a better way, you ask?

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