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Core Features

Dashboard with Statistics

Brandchat's simple to use dashboard makes it easy for agents to monitor tickets, reply to queries and track live analytics of the business.

Complete statistics on incoming chats, time taken to respond, per-agent stats, per-team stats, location based info, and many more!

Mobile App

Respond to customer queries, live, in real time, via mobile app.


  • Push Notifications,
  • Pending (In-Queue) Chats,
  • Forward Chat,
  • Close Chat,
  • View Customer Profile,
  • View Customer History,

and more.

More cool features include...

Basic Analytics

The accelerator plan provides the user with basic analytics to track basic statistics.

Advanced Analytics

In the professional plan onwards, users are able to track where exactly did customers click away and under what section.

Chat Audit

Review chats to continuously improve on internal messaging strategy, and preserve for potential dispute resolution.

Auto Closing/ Archiving

Each chat engagement is treated as a ticket that you can "close" or archive. Schedule when to auto-archive completed tickets.

Web Access Console

Dedicated web consolel availale to manage your active chats

Personalised Branding

Match your website's live chat button and screen interface with your corporate colours.

Chat Forwarding

Forward chats to any department, at any time. Remain involved in the original chat to monitor the ongoing conversation, or choose to exit it.

Add-On Modules

Enhance the power of your live-chat plugin with these amazing add-ons!

AI Chatbot ANSWERS - Smart Answering Bots
AI-Powered Chatbot ANSWERS™

AI-Powered answering system that acts as your agent. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Facebook Messanger Integration with Brandchat
Facebook Messenger Integration

Receive FB messages directly into the Brandchat app. Reply customers without the hassle of opening Facebook!

Email integration with Brandchat
Email-2-Chat Integration

Converts email conversations into real time chat conversations with the sender.

How it Works


1. Complete Email Form

We will send you confirmation email with instructions on how to complete your free registration

2. Integrate with Your Website

Generate website integration javascript code and add it to your website.

3. Start Generating Website Leads

Start converting your website visitors into customers with: a) Bots, b) AI powered Answering machine or c) with one-to-one chat with your sales/promotion teams.

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