Benefits of Brandchat for You and Your Brand

Brandchat - Connecting people and brands

Why Chat

We live in a time of great innovations and with mobile devices being part of our everyday lives, one innovation that trumps all others is using mobile chat apps to communicate with one another.

We believe this success of chat apps demonstrates that people prefer to communicate through chat. It’s convenient, simple and fast. Recent statistics shows that as of last year, Telegram™ chat app processes around 10 billion messages daily, while as of April 2016, Messenger™and WhatsApp™ process more than 60 billion messages a day. That’s many times more than SMS or any other means of communication today.

That is why, we built Brandchat, a mobile chat app and platform which aims to enhance and make communication between people and brands easy and convenient. The most importantly, Brandchat is built from the ground up to connect people with brands in the most effective way.

Benefits of Brandchat to You (Public User)

If you are like most of us, you probably have one or two similar stories like this yourself - you call your bank/ mobile service provider or satellite/cable TV provider, only to realise you just spent 30minutes on the phone, perhaps being put on-hold or transferred around, for half of that time, and… you're still waiting for a resolution to your case. It's probably safe to say that we've all been there.

What Brandchat can do for you?

Firstly, as it is sitting on your mobile device, Brandchat can, in a few clicks, empower you to engage with any brand you want to engage with (we are currently on the mission to bring every major brand on board so you have access to them whenever you wish.)

Secondly, this one app handles all your brand communication in a form that you are already familiar with if you use WhatsApp™, Telegram™ of similar chat messaging platform. You open chat conversation with a real human person who is representative of the brand you are engaging with.

Thirdly, if you decide to call brands via phone, you are most likely stuck on a line for 20-30 minutes. You can’t do much during this phone call and you are most likely waiting on-hold for half of that time. With Brandchat, you don’t have to waste time waiting on the line. You just type your question in a chat window, and wait for notification when your question is answered.

Benefits of Brandchat to Brands

If you are a brand/business owner or manager, Brandchat provides a channel that enables new engagements, enhances care of your existing customers, exposes brand to a large group of users and last but not least, helps manage contact care in more efficient and effective way.

What Brandchat can do for your brand?

Firstly, Brandchat does not require any costly and time-consuming setup. You can register to be on Brandchat in matter of minutes via our dedicated on boarding web app, and as soon as your brand is approved,you can start engaging with users. All you need is a browser and a mobile phone. Wait…, actually, mobile phone is optional.

Secondly, Brandchat can filter incoming questions and direct them to the right group of your support team (or brand agents). Say, you may have several people receiving and handing Billing questions, some handling general support while other few are handling all question about new potential customers who would like to start experiencing what your brand has to offer.

Thirdly, since Brandchat is built from ground up with brand efficiently and effectiveness in mind, we provide access to a dashboard and management console featuring detailed statistics on everything from how many queries are handled by each agent, average queries per time, or what are most common question categories or filters people are using. For larger brands with existing CRM and case handling systems, Brandchat supports two-way integration via open APIs and WebHooks.

Fourthly, save time! Brandchat aims to provide time savings through several functions:

1) Commonly/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions and queries can be reviewed, consolidated and then presented to enquirer before question is even asked.

2) Simultaneous Case Handling

Brand Agents are given access to a web application that enables them to handle multiple cases simultaneously. Instead of spending 20 minutes on a line with one person, they can, within the same time, chat with 10 different people and work on solving their cases faster.

3) Rich Responses

Brand agents have access to common materials such as forms, images, documents, links etc that they can easily share with the person they are communicating with. Say, person asks Bank agent how to take advantage of that latest offer for a new account owners, bank agent can simply select New Account Form and share it with the user. It’s fast and convenient and let user take advantage of those immediately instead of waiting for email or such.

How Brandchat Works

Brandchat is a real-time chat application. User downloads the app and is able to search and find brands that are on Brandchat. They can search for brand by name, keywords, business description or anything that may identify the brand. For example, user can search for “hotel” to get list of all hotels or search a particular brand say “brand A”.

Once brand is found, user posts a question directly to that brand. Brand agents are immediately notified. One of the brand agents then“takes the case” and begins real-time chat conversation with the user who posted the question. Each time anyone posts a reply, the other party is notified via push notifications on their mobile devices.

Once question is answered, user closes the case and it offered to immediately Rate the Agent performance and satisfaction levels via simple“Happy/Good/Not Happy” options.