Can I try Brandchat before paying?

Yes, you can register for Free and use full Brandchat features for a period of Trial period (min 14 days).

I would like to join Brandchat and get my brand on board. How do I go about joining brandchat?

Go to https://www.brandchat.co/brands and complete the registration form. We will then email you the details on how to go about getting your brand on Brandchat.

How to sign up for Brandchat account?

You can register at https://www.brandchat.co/signup Once you enter your email and company name, the procedure is simple and fast. You should be up and running within minutes. TIP: We do need your company/brand logo, so have that handy during the registration steps.


What is Brandchat and how can it help my brand?

Brandchat users can easily discover and engage with your brand via chat. Reduce customer frustration of being put on hold for precious minutes. Brandchat also offers your brand exposure to the potentially thousands of Brandchat users, creating opportunities for your brand.

How can I integrate Brandchat with my Website?

Live Chat plugin works by adding small javascript code onto your website. To generate the Javascript code, follow these stepa: 1) Login to Brandchat Dasbhoard (Admin) 2) Click "Web Live Chat" menu option 3) Complete the form and click button "Request Web Plugin Script". 4) System will generate Javascript code for the plugin 5) Copy and Paste this Javascript code directly into your website (preferably into the footer section - just before "body" end tag). Once Javascript code is added to your website, button "CHAT WITH US" will be automatically added to your pages. Clicking on the button will initiate the chat between your website users and your agents. Approximate time required to implement Live Chat plugin on your website: Less then 5min (assuming you have quick access to adding javascript code to your website).

How much does brandchat cost?

We have a number of packages, depending on your needs. starting from the FREE package for "a one man (or woman) show", all the way to a customised, fully integrated solution for large enterprises. More information at https://www.brandchat.co

Do you have API to integrate Brandchat with 3rd party apps and systems?

Yes, external integration can be in one of two forms: 1) Directly integrate with our APIs (with access to most of the features of the Brand Admin) 2) Use Webhooks (subscribe your external system to receive notifications from Brandchat every time new question, new message, ticket closing or any similar event happens)

How does FAQ works?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) can reduce number of incoming questions by answering common questions before they are asked. FAQ responses are displayed in real-time while user is typing the question.

Does Brandchat Live Chat plugin works with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or similar CMS systems?

Yes. Live Chat plugin supports all CMS systems. Simply add Live Chat javascript code generated by the Brandchat and add it to the footer of your website.

Can I try, test and evaluate it first before I buy?

Yes. You can sign up today and enjoy 30 days FREE trial.

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