Don't Waste Website Traffic - How 'Live' Chat Converts Visitors into Leads

Lead generation means identifying and targeting potential new customers (or leads) for you to develop their interest in your products and services. Essentially, it is most ideal that every visitor becomes a lead as this may subsequently translate into prospective sale for the business.

With a ‘live’ chat solution, your business can capture leads in two ways. Firstly, you can uplift the productivity of your agents by acting proactively and asking for online visitors’ details and information, turning anonymous visitors into leads. Instead of hoping and waiting for them to leave their details, you can now make that first step! Secondly, having live chat means that you are more accessible to your visitors and this will increase the chances of them starting a conversation with you.

By integrating your live chat with customer data, your efforts will be more effective and more efficient as you would now be able to offer the right products and services catered to their needs and requirements. You can now also encourage the right visitors to get in touch with you or target high potential leads and contact them yourself.

Besides these, live chat improves customer experience as it reduces waiting time. Your current and potential customers no longer need to wait on the phone line before they are attended by an agent. The better your customer service, the more receptive your visitors will be to share their details for you to capture leads. Live chat also improves search engine performance. By having a higher dwell time among your visitors, you improve your website’s rank in search engines, which translates into new visitors and potentially bringing in more leads.

So stop wasting traffic and tap into this vast potential! Increase your odds by engaging in real-time conversations and convert your online visitors before they leave. Embark on ‘live chat’ solutions for your business today!