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Receiving (too) many calls to your Call Center?

Brandchat | October 31, 2016
Solving Problems with Brandchat Series

In this new series called "Solving Problems with Brandchat", we will try to pinpoint some common challenges businesses are facing today, and how Brandchat may be able to help in dealing with some of them.Challenge 1: Receiving (too) many calls to your Call Center

The first challenge we are tackling is r…

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Benefits of Brandchat for You and Your Brand

Brandchat | October 26, 2016
Brandchat - Connecting people and brands

Why Chat

We live in a time of great innovations and with mobile devices being part of our everyday lives, one innovation that trumps all others is using mobile chat apps to communicate with one another.

We believe this success of chat apps demonstrates that people prefer to communicate through chat. …

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Hello, World! From, Brandchat.

Brandchat | October 21, 2016

The Story

You probably have one or two similar stories yourself - you call your bank/ mobile service provider or satellite/cable TV provider, only to realise you just spent 30 minutes on the phone, perhaps being put on-hold or transferred around, for half of that time, and.. you're still waiting for a resolution to your issue. It's pro…

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