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We strive to continously evolve and expand Brandchat with features that make your brand engagement simple, fast and effective

Brandchat ecosystem!

All the tools and features you need to engage, acquire, analyse and optimise your brand engagement

Unlimited Chats

Whether you have tens or tens of thousands of chats a day, we got you covered. All included in one simple solutions.

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Your brand profile

Introduce your brand via Brand profile page and help people understand what you brand is all about. This is the first thing people see when they discover your brand

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Custom Categories

Organise your agents into teams and assign them chat categories they will be able to see and handle.

For example, Billing team will receive all incoming chats related to Billing questions.

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FAQ Suggestions

Eliminate repetion and optimise your agents' time via unique and completely embedded style of presenting FAQs where while customer or lead is typing the question, system searches your database of FAQs and presents results with the best possible answers.

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Website Livechat

Don't ever miss the opportunity to convert a lead into a customer by embedding Brandchat Live Chat plugin that gives visitors instant access to click a button and start real-time chat with your agents or chatsbots. Every aspect of the live chat plugin is fully integrated into your Brandchat ecosystem experience and it takes less then a minute to get code needed for the website.

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Detailed Analytics

To ensure this engagement is most optimal, we provide real-time statistics on incoming chats, reponse times, agent performance stats and chat category ranking. In addition, you get access to chat audits to evaluate and understand most common issues and requests coming from your customers and leads.

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Developer Platform beta

If you would like to start developing your own chatbots, we provide detailed APIs and integration guidelines on how you can start in matter of minutes and get your first chatbots answering users questions in a matter of hours. Contact us via Brandchat for further instructions.

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Chat forwarding and escalation

Getting assistance from other agents is sometimes needed to resolve and answer questions. We have included option of Forwarding Chats where agent or bot can forward question to a people who can assist with question resolution.

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