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Empower your existing customers and new leads to engage with your brand in ways they have not experienced before, by starting a chat conversation directly with your brand agents or automated chatbots.

Stay connected and grow your relationship with them.

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Acquire new customers

Brandchat gives people a single platform to connect with all their favourite brands, while at the same time, they can also search, discover and engage with new brands, like yours.

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Track, monitor and analyse

Brandchat is an integrated ecosystem of multiple applications all aiming to trully enhance connection and communication between your brand and people.

To ensure this engagement is most optimal, we are giving you real-time stats on incoming chats, reponse times, agent performance stats and chat category ranking. In addition, you get access to chat audits to evaluate and understand most common issues and requests coming from your customers and leads.

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Optimise with FAQs and Chatbots

To eliminate repetion and optimise your agents' time, we use a unique, completely embedded style of presenting FAQs where while customer or lead is typing the question, we search through your database of FAQs and present them with the best possible answers - even before question is being asked.

Furthermore, by using our APIs, you can have your own mini-applications or chatbots, within the chat window, which are fast, conveniet and fully automated way of providing service to your customer and leads.

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